Choreography, Idea & Concept: Célestine Hennermann
Dance: Albi Gika und Katharina Wiedenhofer 
Music & Composition: Gregor Praml
Dramaturgy: Johanna Milz
Stage & Costumes: Nathalie Meyer
Gregor Knüppel
Production Management: Britta Horwath
Management: Alexandra Schmidt / tanzmangement 

Premiere: November 16th, 2021, Volksbühne im Großen Hirschgraben


Creeps & Leafs

(Gänsehaut & Espenlaub)

Triggered by the pandemic, Hennermanns Horde took a close look at the topic of fear of children. A research showed that children of different ages are afraid of different things and situations. While the fear of small children is more diffuse, the fear of elementary school children is more specific. Thus, two different dance productions were created: one for the little ones („ANGSTHASEN“), and one for older children („Gänsehaut & Espenlaub“).

The new piece „Gänsehaut & Espenlaub“ by choreographer Célestine Hennermann explicitly deals with the fear of elementary school kids. Very specifically about the fear of burglars, creepy figures, scary noises, one’s own failure, the loss of a loved one, strangers, being excluded, or even meeting one’s own double. 

As different as the two dancers Albi Gjikaj and Katharina Wiedenhofer are in dance style, physical expression, appearance and gender, the two appear as one. One is the shadow of the other and vice versa. They mutate into each other’s doppelganger, a motif that offers many possibilities for games of confusion, mirroring and irritation, that is sometimes creepy but also seems funny and ironic. 

This atmosphere is supported by a sound and music collage of children’s voices by musician Gregor Praml, by the defamiliarized use of everyday objects and the animal-like costumes (stage/costume Nathalie Meyer). A dance-piece full of moments of tension but also full of comedy and relaxation to better understand what triggers fear and how to resolve it. 


Hennermanns Horde erhält die Mehrjahres-Förderung der Stadt Frankfurt/M. „Gänsehaut & Espenlaub“ wird unterstützt vom Hessischen Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst.