Idea/concept/choreography: Célestine Hennermann
Dance: Ariadni Aganti, Gabriele Ascani, Danique de Bont
Dramaturgy: Ilana Reynolds
Space/costumes: sounds of silence (Susanne Kessler, Petra Eichler)
Music/composition: Gregor Praml
Light: Gregor Knüppel
Management: Alexandra Schmidt

Premiere: 14th of September 2022


a Danceproject about sport for all about 6 years


It’s an arena. It’s a field. They take their places at the diving board and the whistle blows! The game has begun. The fans go wild! With humor, agility, sporty spunk and a bit of sparkle, three dancers dressed in a colorful array of sport attire, lead the audience through an an ever evolving game. Whether, soccer, volleyball, baseball or hockey, competing for the gold or twirling as a team, GLANZ juxtaposes, fuses and abstracts sport movements with contemporary dance. As the dynamic and rhythmic performance unfolds, you are never quite sure if the ball has landed in your court or theirs or if it continues to suspend mid-air. 

Many little children start a sport as a hobby. Soccer and dancing is very common. But there are many other sports: gymnastics, swimming, athletics, basketball, handball, martial arts, tennis, fencing, etc., the list will always remain incomplete. Sporting events such as soccer tournaments, world championships, Olympiads keep children busy at home and in the schoolyard.

In a colorful revue, movement elements from very different sports are examined. These are extracted, abstracted and put together in a new way. In the process, the real movement sequences are studied and analyzed in detail, in order to then transfer them into a choreography using the means of improvisation. It is also about competition, losing and winning (being able to) the joy of sports and victory.

GLANZ* continues Hennermanns Horde research with the legibility and abstraction of movements and dance for young audiences. By closely observing and analyzing the familiar patterns of movements, these are abstracted and reassembled in the rehearsal work. The target group thus comes into contact with the abstract form of contemporary dance, and at the same time they are enabled to read it and approach its form.


A Hennermanns Horde Production

Funded by the City of Frankfurt/M., the City of Eschborn and the Hessian Ministry for Science and Arts.